wafer-Lug stainless steel manual knife gate valve and wafer-flange carbon steel Pneumatic Knife gate valve

The wide application of stainless steel knife gate valve results from its own characteristics. Firstly, it has good sealing effect and good elasticity of U-type seal gasket; secondly, its full-diameter design has strong passing ability; thirdly, like an knife, it has good breaking effect and can effectively solve the leakage phenomenon after the breaking of the gate containing block, particle and fiber medium; Forth, the knife gate valve are light weight and small room needed; finally, it does not need to remove the valve because of its convenient maintenance without replace the valve seal.

SGV order for Europe plant: Stainless steel knife gate and Carbon steel knife gate valve are bonnet less design: refer MSS SP81 or JB/T8691 (Similar with MSS SP 81 but have more clear definition)

Well protected Valve Packing , Suitable for long distance air and sea transportation.

The order have 2 part:
Wafer-lug /wafer flanged type Risting stem Pneumatic Knife gate valve

Valve qty : 58 pcs PN10 PN16
Size from dn150 to DN500 Knife
matetial: 304+Hcr,
Body: WCB Seat: EPDM rubber

Risting stem Manual Knife gate valve Lug type
Valve qty : 28 pcs PN10
Size from dn150 to DN500
Knife/disc matetial: 316L+Hcr ,
Body: CF8M Seat: PTFE
Rising stem operation

See below knife gate valve Production and Inspcetion,Painting,Packing, and Deliver

Grinding of stainless steel valve disc-Knife
Clean of iron particle and metal purity and other valve dirty
machine of knife gate valve body by CNC, keep machine precision without labor variance
Ready for clean by Ultrasonic -pneumatic knife gate valve
Dimesnion check of valve before shippment-face to face of knife valve
Threaded hole inspection by Through-or-no-through gauge
Ready for paiting -wafer-flanged carbon steel knife gate valve
After painting-Split body bonnetless knife gate valve, MSS SP 81
knife gate valve stem and packing detail with valve marking

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