New excellent valve product – Semi-ball valve

Semi ball valves have the characteristics of small opening force, good sealing performance, etc. Hemispherical valves are widely used in two-phase media such as water, steam, sewage, petrochemical industry, natural gas, solution and slurry, as well as ideal transmission equipment for dust and gas, because of their wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials.


When storing semi ball valves for a long time, regular inspection should be carried out to keep the surface area runner clean, remove dirt, and coat with preservatives to keep them in a semi-open state. Flange surfaces at both ends are sealed with special rubber pads. Please put them in the indoor ventilation and drying place.

Before installing the hemispheric valve, check whether the dimension, pressure and temperature of the hemispheric valve are in conformity with the engineering conditions, eliminate the defects caused by transportation and storage, clean the appearance and runner, check and tighten the nuts on the limit screw.

Installation is directly installed on the pipeline according to the direction of medium flow on the valve body. Generally, it can be installed in any position of the pipeline. If the hemispherical valve is used in a fluid containing suspended particulate matter, its installation position is in two ways: horizontal pipe installation and vertical pipe installation.

Clockwise rotating handwheel is closed, counterclockwise rotating handwheel is opened, and the valve core is fully opened and closed at 98 degrees. When pneumatic, only special handwheel with valve configuration can be used. It is strictly forbidden to use lengthening rod or other operation to avoid damaging the machine parts and affecting the normal operation of the valve. When in use, the valve should be kept clean regularly, the transmission mechanism should be checked regularly for normal lubrication, and the hidden troubles should be eliminated in time.

Hemispherical valve is a new product developed to solve the technical problem of two-phase mixed media transportation, such as solution and pulp. The successful development of hemispherical valves has provided reliable control valves in the dilemma of solution process in chemical, petroleum, gas, metallurgy, electronics and other industrial sectors, which is easy to precipitate, scale and precipitate, thus affecting the process. It has also provided new excellent products for improving the level of industrial management equipment in China.

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