API609 Triple offset metal seated butterfly valve export to Middle east

V: Feb 28th, 2014  56 pieces 8″  and  12 pieces 10″ 150lb  API609 Lug type eccentric butterfly valve was ready for export to Middle east. These valves are mainly LCB body material and CF8M disc , 316 stem material, seat in SS316+GRAPHITE , multi layers seal ring. It was second lot for the client. The order was design and manufacture as per API standard, API 609; flange :API B16.5; face to face: API609; Inspection and test: API598; with perfect zeakage performance.

These valve are mainly for cooling system and will be installed forth week of April this year.

These butterfly valve has basic painting and drying for final painting.

Third Lot for this PO is double flanged aluminum bronze butterfly valve with lever/wormgear, 6 pieces 150LB 8″  ASTM B148 C95800 body and disc stem material and 3 pieces 10″ with 1.8 meter extension stem butterfly valve for underground application. These valve are used for sea water medium in district cooling system.

Surface dealing of these bronze butterfly valve:

Valve Supplier: Sangong Flow Control


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