Enviromental protection requires valve to be low-leakage( Fugitive Emission Valve)

Valve in the use of the process , environmental impact is an important indicator of the performance of the valve.  low valve leakage is an important parameter to evaluate the environmental protection performance. Valve low leakage requirements have become the basic requirements of the valve design and manufacturing. Usually means  Fugitive Emission Requirment for valve.
In 2015, for the first time, API600 standards which was widely used in the valve industry , the valve low leakage test requirements API624 been joined the standard text. China National Standard (GB) hydrotreating device with the valve standard has also been clearly required in accordance with ISO15848 low leakage detection.

low leakage standards widely used in the valve field are ISO15848, VDI2440, API624, MESC SPE77 / 312 and so on. These standards are carried out in the form of proton spectroscopy with helium or methane gas as a leak detection medium, typically at a level of 10-12 Pa * m3 * s-1.
Low leakage detection and evaluation requirements, will promote the accuracy of the valve processing and continue improve sealing quality standards , low leakage valve will gradually become the mainstream of high-end valve market.

For example, an  Fugitive Emission test for gate valve, usually means bonnet machining accuracy and stem accuracy packing material, middle flange gasket casting quality should be attentionned,

ISO 15848-1-2015 Industrial valves – Measurement, test and qualification

procedures for fugitive emissions –

Part 1: Classification system and

qualification procedures for type testing of valve

ISO 15848-2-2015 Industrial valves – Measurement, test and qualification

procedures for fugitive emissions – Part 2: Production acceptance test of valve

API STD 624-2011 Type Testing of Rising Stem Valves Equipped with flexible graphitepacking for fugitive emissions

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