API 600 Cast steel gate valve export to Russia

These lot valves are API 600 design and manufactured with special face to face standard. The face to face is 12mm longer than general 150lb API wedge gate valves ANSI B16.10( 6″ =267mm 8″=292mm) 6″ pieces are LCB body and 304 stem with 304 seat ring and stellite sealing face in disc. 4″ pieces are CF8M body and disc with hard seal sealing face.

Though we communicate with the client many times, the end user insist the face to face dimension was correct and suitable for local environment. It is special requirement for local, the dimension might be GOST standard and these valve will be used for instead former russia design valve. ASME B16.5 flanged connection for all valves.

Other 2 pieces valve are A216 wcb body material 300lb 20″ with double Stellite sealing face. The valve are inspected by third party as per API598. Include out surface, body test, seal test,and main dimension, out look, valve mark. Destination(Malaysia)

After painting, the valve are ready for packing.

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