The world young scientists (Wenzhou) summit 2019: Yongjia pump valve industry summit forum

In the afternoon of October 26, the world young scientists (Wenzhou) summit 2019 Yongjia pump valve industry summit forum was held. All kinds of talents from all over the world gathered together to talk about advanced technology and seek innovative development around Yongjia pump valve industry technology docking activities, aiming to lead Yongjia pump valve industry innovation and upgrading, help Yongjia economy develop with high quality and better serve the new era. “Two health” construction in Wenzhou. Chen Xuedong, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering and technical expert of special equipment design, manufacturing, operation and maintenance engineering attended the Forum.

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New excellent valve product – Semi-ball valve

Semi ball valves have the characteristics of small opening force, good sealing performance, etc. Hemispherical valves are widely used in two-phase media such as water, steam, sewage, petrochemical industry, natural gas, solution and slurry, as well as ideal transmission equipment for dust and gas, because of their wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials.


When storing semi ball valves for a long time, regular inspection should be carried out to keep the surface area runner clean, remove dirt, and coat with preservatives to keep them in a semi-open state. Continue reading “New excellent valve product – Semi-ball valve”

Promoting Green Casting is the Development Trend of Valve Casting Industry in the Future

At present, people have very high quality requirements for precision valve steel castings, so during the process , valve manufacturers also pay great attention to the selection of process methods and production processes, so as to ensure that the production of steel castings can reach higher application standards. First of all, we should be more cautious when choosing raw materials. Although many steel castings do not have much difference in appearance, due to the different selection of raw materials, there will be differences in quality and service life of steel castings in the process of using, so the selection method of raw materials needs special attention.

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API 6D Stainless steel/Carbon steel Spring Return Deadman Lever Operated Ball Valve

Spring return ball valve only needs to rotate 90 degrees of operation and a very small moment of rotation to connect the flow of media, loosen the handle of the ball valve, and automatically rebound under the action of the spring reset.

API6D stainless steel Spring return Deadman lever operated ball valve with 2pc body DN50 150LBa

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Concentric Butterfly Valve Stock/fast delivery Available-Europe Wareshouse

Center Disc Butterfly Valve Stock and Semi-finished products.

To meet client urgent need and quick delivery, Sangong Flow Control Concentric Butterfly Valve factory keeps Large qty Ductile Iron /stailess steel stock and valve parts.

butterfly valve body casting stock, ductile iron, mainly use for clean medium water, civil project,water treatment, power plant, building, offshore/marine supertructure

For below semi-finished products, can be delivery within 3days.
Include: Wafer ductile iron from DN32 to DN1200 suitble for both PN6 PN10 PN16 PN25 150LB, JIS10K,
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Oilfield services firm Weatherford to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

(Reuters) – Oilfield services provider Weatherford International Plc, burdened by a heavy debt load and years of losses, said on Friday it would file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

The company, which at its peak was valued at more than $50 billion, never recovered from the 2014 oil price collapse. Efforts under Chief Executive Officer Mark McCollum to quickly sell assets and pare debt struggled.

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Rectangular knife gate /Stainless steel Penstock Used for Russia Oil Refinery Phase I

Rectangular Port/Square Slide Gate Valve/ Penstock usually is mainly used for water supply and drainage, chemical flood control, water conservancy and other hydraulic structures, outlets, working channels switching or cutting off water flow.
Depends on amount method can be Canal/Channel gate valve, Wall- attached Slide gate valve/Wall -Mounted Penstock

Packing of Mannual Chanel Mounting Stainless steel Rectangular Sluice gate valve

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Extension long stem concentric butterfly valve for Germany plant

The purpose of extension long stem for valve mainly for three reason: Low temp. medium , High temp. medium, Remote operation. 1. Low temp. medium, to reduce heat transportation, keep neck packing warm enough. so long stem was adopted. 2. High temp. medium, to have better heat radiation,to keep neck packing cool enough and also easy for operator touch, extension was considered. 3. Remote control, to enable operator control valve far from pipe valve, extension can also be used.

Assemble and Position Adjustment of rubber butterfly valve with long extension

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Oxygen globe valve: copper alloy globe valve

Oxygen globe valve is one of the special valves for oxygen pipeline network. It not only has the function of ordinary globe valve, but also has the characteristics of good flame retardancy, good conductivity, fast heat transfer, compact structure, oil proof, safety and reliability. With the development of metallurgical industry, oxygen globe valve and oxygen ball valve are widely used in iron and steel, metallurgy, medicine, chemical industry and so on.

Bronze Oxygen Globe Valve DN200PN25


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The market competitiveness of cast iron valves is further reduced?

With the acceleration of urbanization in China, domestic sewage treatment and municipal treatment facilities will also be developed on a large scale. As a necessary pipe and valve, it will welcome a broad market prospects.

Thanks to the strong support of the government, the production and application of plastic pipes in China has really begun to develop rapidly, and cast iron pipes have been replaced in some fields, such as: sanitary ware water tank fittings with water intake below water level (low water intake); leakage with water seal less than 5 cm, which is prohibited in all new construction projects and maintenance projects; cast iron drainage pipes with common sockets (manual sand turning rigid joint) Cast Iron Drainage Pipe; Galvanized Iron Sheet Outdoor Rainwater Pipe; Spiral Lifting Cast Iron Nozzle; Cast Iron Globe Valve. It is not allowed to be used in indoor parts of residential projects. Continue reading “The market competitiveness of cast iron valves is further reduced?”