Enviromental protection requires valve to be low-leakage( Fugitive Emission Valve)

Environmental protection
Valve in the use of the process , environmental impact is an important indicator of the performance of the valve. Valve low valve leakage is an important parameter to evaluate the environmental protection performance. Valve low leakage requirements have become the basic requirements the valve design and manufacturing. Usually means  Fugitive Emission Requirment for valve.
In 2015, for the first time, API600 standards which was widely used in the valve industry , the valve low leakage test requirements API624 been joined the standard text. China National Standard (GB) hydrotreating device with the valve standard has also been clearly required in accordance with ISO15848 low leakage detection.
low leakage standards widely used in the valve field are ISO15848, VDI2440, API624, MESC SPE77 / 312 and so on. These standards are carried out in the form of proton spectroscopy with helium or methane gas as a leak detection medium, typically at a level of 10-12 Pa * m3 * s-1.
Low leakage detection and evaluation requirements, will promote the accuracy of the valve processing and continue improve sealing quality standards , low leakage valve will gradually become the mainstream of high-end valve market.

For example, an  Fugitive Emission test for gate valve, usually means bonnet machining accuracy and stem accuracy packing material, middle flange gasket casting quality should be attentionned,

ISO 15848-1-2015 Industrial valves – Measurement, test and qualification

procedures for fugitive emissions –

Part 1: Classification system and

qualification procedures for type testing of valve

ISO 15848-2-2015 Industrial valves – Measurement, test and qualification

procedures for fugitive emissions – Part 2: Production acceptance test of valve

API STD 624-2011 Type Testing of Rising Stem Valves Equipped with flexible graphitepacking for fugitive emissions

AUMA supplied actuators for Finnish CHP revamp

Sep 22th, 2016

AUMA Finland Oy has recently supplied around 125 electric valve actuators with Profibus DP-V1 for an upgrade project at a combined heat and power (CHP; cogeneration) plant at a steelworks in Finland. The Raahen Voima plant is located at Raahe, 500 km north of Helsinki.

The project, which has a total investment value of EUR 121M, involves replacing the existing boiler and steam turbines. The new boiler will run on coke and process gas from the steelworks, with natural gas as a support fuel. Thanks to new technology and cleaner fuels, it will provide 20–25% more electricity than the previous plant while reducing emissions. Startup is scheduled for autumn 2016. The new plant operates at steam conditions of 545°C and 83 bar, and will produce 125 MW of electricity and 40 MW of steam for district heating.

Working closely with SSAB Europe, AUMA Finland Oy chose AUMA SA multi-turn and SQ part-turn actuators with intelligent AC actuator controls. The use of the Profibus DP-V1 protocol allows the control system to change the actuator settings and request diagnostic information while the plant is running – a feature that is not available with standard Profibus DP-V0. – See more at: http://www.valve-world.net/news/63483/auma-supplied-actuators-for-finnish-chp-revamp.html#sthash.8LzPZ3oP.dpuf

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Maintenance and Troubleshooting for natural gas pipeline ball valves

Pipeline ball valve maintenance and management techniques
1. Maintenance and management of the construction period
During the construction period of the ball scientific management and maintenance is very important in the construction of the equipment management in place, maintain science, not only can ensure safety, and can greatly reduce the construction and operational management of costs. Major should note the following aspects: ① to the correct method of handling the valve, the valve to avoid mechanical damage. When the valve lifting, lifting belt can not be tied to the stem or actuators lifting, otherwise it will cause the stem bending diameter valve seal failure and gearbox destruction; ② in the factory, to be installed at both ends of the valve simple blind board to avoid during transport and on the construction site water, sand and other impurities into the valve chamber, causing corrosion and damage to the seal; ③ at the construction site, the best valve neatly placed on the sleepers, do not put anywhere, avoid sewage mouth, mouth, and other grease from being damaged or broken; ④ before installation, the valve must be grease injection. By injection of grease on the one hand to check the grease channel is smooth, on the other hand to seat sealing surface and the rear cavity is filled to avoid impurities into the sealing surface and a rear chamber, while a certain extent, can weaken the welding of high temperature on the valve seat after ⑦ pressure test done; damage; ⑤ the entire installation process to keep the valve in the fully open position; ⑥ when the welding is completed and finished water pressure test before and after each operation and to timely make a certain amount of grease , to the valve chamber timely discharge water clean, prevent corrosion and freezing.

West-East gas pipeline
2. Running routine maintenance and maintenance recommendations
① periodically check tightness of valves, sewage through the mouth to check if there is internal leakage, internal leakage press handler for processing; ② timely injected a certain amount of fresh grease to the seat, the amount and frequency of injection valve in accordance with the frequency of activities, generally when the valve event once, to inject the right amount of grease, the amount of each injection is approximately 1/8 the volume of the sealing system, this was done to avoid the greatest degree of impurities inside the tubes into the seat chamber, the impact of the valve seat, thus resulting in seal failure, while ensuring the sealing surface time in the “wet” state; ③ valve of little activity, the minimum annual activity 1 times while injecting the right amount of grease, this is done to avoid the ball and when gluing the seat, but also to avoid the ball to dry milling activities, protects the seat and ball; ball before ④ winter to conduct a comprehensive maintenance and repair, the focus should drain valve actuator within the cavity and water, to avoid freezing in winter , affecting the normal function; ⑤ replace the grease once a year within the gear transmission mechanism; ⑥ periodically check valve diameter seal, once the leak appeared to be in time; ⑦ remove rust, external maintenance.

Russian media IS penetration of Central Asia natural gas pipeline to China pose a direct threat

Common Faults and exclusion method
1. Ball endoleak
Gas pipeline within the valve leakage is the most common valve problems.
Reason (1) within the valve leakage
1) Construction of the cause of the valve leakage: ① transport and lifting the overall damage caused by improper valve causing the valve leakage; ② When the factory, there is no pressure applied to the valve be dried and preservative treatment, resulting in the formation of the sealing surface corrosion internal leakage; ③ construction site protection is not in place, both ends of the valve is not installed blind, rain, sand and other impurities into the seat, causing leakage; ④ when installed, no grease injection valve, causing impurities into the rear seat when welding or burns caused by internal leakage; ⑤ valve is not installed in the fully open position, causing damage to the ball, during welding, if the valve is not fully open position, weld spatter sphere will cause damage, when accompanied by weld spatter sphere when the switch will cause further damage to the valve seat, causing internal leakage; ⑥ welding slag and other construction remnants cause the sealing surface scratches; ⑦ shipment or installation of the limit inaccuracies caused by leakage, if the stem or other accessories with the drive sleeve assembly angular displacement, the valve will leak.
2) Run of the cause of the valve leakage: ① The most common reason is that managers take into account the operational and maintenance costs more expensive valve without maintenance, or lack of scientific approach to management and maintenance of the valve without valve preventive maintenance, caused by equipment failure occurred in advance; ② no maintenance or improper operation caused by internal leakage in accordance with maintenance procedures; ③ during normal operation, construction remnants scratch the sealing surface, causing internal leakage; ④ pigging improper sealing surface damage caused by internal leakage; ⑤ long-term maintenance or inactivity valve, causing the valve seat and ball lock, resulting in seal damage when the switching valve is formed in the drain; ⑥ valve switch caused by inadequate internal leakage, regardless of any valve opening and closing position, the general inclination 2 ° ~ 3 ° may cause leakage [2]; ⑦ large number of large diameter valve stem has a stop block, if used for a long time due to corrosion and other reasons between the stem and stem stopper accumulation will rust, dust, paint and other debris, the debris will cause the valve can not be rotated into place and cause leaks – If the valve is buried, the stem will produce longer and more falling rust and impurities impede ball rotation in place, causing valve leakage, ⑧ general the actuator position is limited, if long-term cause rust, hardened grease or loose bolts limit will limit inaccurate, causing internal leakage; valve actuator position ⑨ set forward, not about the place causing internal leakage; ⑩ lack of periodic maintenance and repair, resulting sealant becomes dry, hard, dry seal fat accumulation in the resilient seat, seat impede movement, resulting in seal failure.
Corner gas processing plant China largest natural gas treatment plant put into operation in the Sulige gas field
(2) judging method endoleak
Natural gas pipeline is fixed common axis valve, which generally check is: turn the valve to the fully open or fully closed position by the sewage discharge check valve nozzle for leaks. If it can discharge clean, then the proof sealing. If the discharge pressure is always there, it can be considered a leak valve, then the valve should be handled accordingly. But emphasized that for GRoVE B-5 and B-7A-ball, PBV ball, ROBERT CORT ball can only be checked in the fully closed position, such as on the ball valve to open a channel, when the fully open position when, to balance pipeline and the valve chamber pressure. But when the fully closed position, it will not happen.
(3) endoleak handler
① first check valve limit to see if the limit can be resolved by adjusting the internal leakage of the valve. ② first injected a certain amount of grease see if you can stanch, when the injection rate must be slow, while observing the changes in the outlet pressure gauge pointer grease gun to determine the case of internal leakage of the valve. ③ If you can not stanch, there may be early injected sealant harden or sealing surface damage caused by internal leakage. At this time recommendation injection valve cleaning fluid, and the sealing surface of the valve seat cleaning. Usually a minimum of half an hour soak, soak if necessary, hours or even days, to be cured completely dissolved and then do further processing. In this process, it is best to switch movable valve several times. ④ refilling grease, intermittent opening and closing the valve, the discharge valve after the contaminants chamber and the sealing surface. ⑤ In the fully closed position to check if there are leaks, sealing grease should be injected to strengthen the level, while opening the valve cavity vent, which can generate a large pressure differential helps seal, under normal circumstances, to strengthen the level by injecting sealant internal leakage can be eliminated. ⑥ If you still have internal leakage, it is necessary to repair or replace the valve.
2. Stem leakage
Most valve stem is provided on the upper and lower two seals, in general, you can not do any maintenance, but due to prolonged wear or aging, may cause leakage of the valve stem. For injection stem population, can be achieved by injecting sealant temporary stanch purposes. Fill sealing grease should be slowly, preferably with a manual grease gun. When the leak stops, they should stop filling, filling volume too much can cause difficulties stem rotation. Of course, some of the stem at the structure of by injection or compression packing gland packing to achieve the seal.
3. Ball valve operation exception
1) ball a long time without maintenance and activities, and the ball seat may be locked, this operation of the valve even more laborious operation does not move, then it is best injected a certain amount of cleaning solution soak for some time before the operation.
2) pipeline in the garbage, sand, dirt or aging, hardened fat accumulation in the seat ring seal around the valve seat and the impact of the action, causing the seat ring stuck, causing a leak between the valve seat and the ball. Typically injection valve to the cleaning solution to remove impurities.
3) When the high water content of the natural gas in the transport process as the environment changes, there will be condensate water. The water valve will exist lowest point of the valve, it is usually the lower part of the lower pivot or ball valve, freezing cold conditions at low temperature, resulting in the valve opening and closing does not move.
4) when dealing with stem leakage, causing clamping screws too tight on the switch difficult, the compression screw should not be too loose or too tight.
5) There may also be adopted for the turbine, worm gear operated valve engaging the following reasons: ① badly worn or broken teeth, resulting in the engagement can not be normal; safety pin ② worm on the break; ③ worm or worm wheel bearing damage on; ④ turbine worm poor lubrication for grease these places usually petroleum based, are water pollution, in cold weather, the water freezes, the valve inoperable. If this occurs, open the gear box to remove all ice, water and grease contaminated, and re-apply new grease – if particularly cold, it is best to use low-temperature grease, such as alcohol-based grease ; ⑤ bolt and valve gearboxes are connected to the loose or cut; ⑥ electric head fault, no power supply wiring or setting errors.
6) There may also be linked to gas and liquid valve for the following reasons: ① gas line, oil pipeline may block or rate-limiting valve is in a closed state; ② lack of air pressure; ③ cylinder or rotary component sealing fault; ④ pressure and other causes of excessive torque.

Offshore oil platform

In order to improve the reliability of the valve, to extend valve life, good early, especially maintenance and supervision of construction and commissioning period is very important. Therefore recommended that: ① to strengthen the device before delivery maintenance oversight and supervision during transportation; ② strengthen supervision before the equipment installation and maintenance, maintenance and installation process; ③ before installation, pressure test must be carried out, as soon as possible identify problems and early treatment; ④ change the concept of preventive maintenance, periodic maintenance program to develop and strictly implement; ⑤ strengthen professional training to improve the professional quality of maintenance personnel, so that maintenance of scientific, regulatory and safety; ⑥ the establishment and improvement factory equipment, transportation, installation, testing, use of maintenance, maintenance accounting for future management make a record and accumulation of raw data; ⑦ were trial and error, the establishment of relevant scientific maintenance procedures and inspection standards.

Quality Cheap Industrial Valves Supplier in China Wenzhou

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Steel industrial valves include: ANSI forged steel gate valve/globe/check valve, size smaller than2 ” have huge stock and standard production.  API602 ASME B16.34 BS5352 are the applied standard which require reduce port.

API6D API600 Gate/ globe/check valve, stock /semi-finished products are available.

API609 EN558 butterfly valve steel material for industrial application.

API6DASME B16.34 both side entry/top entry and Split / welded design.

API DIN Strainer, Y type T type basket strainer wich quick delivery

DIN EN standard gate globe check valve.

Specail valve, safety valve, plug valve, Tefelong lind valves, knife gate valves,

Pneumatic actuator and Electric Actuator Hydraulic actuator and Mult-mix actuator.

Amony them, stainless steel valve stock can be offered in rather cheap price due to large economic production in local area. Wenzhou, famous valve city in china, have thousands of valves factory, small or big, prduce more than 40% valve in china.

Valve for Oil gas industrial, Power industray, Petro chemial Industrial, Heating, steel, Water treatment, Water plant, Milling.

To meet project application, SGValso offer an complte solution for other kinds of Blind flanges, Counter flanges, flange gaskets, flange bolts,nuts, Three tee, reducer, cap,Elbow, coupling, expansion joint… Inspection  before package and Track both during production and shippment.

Iran: no oil output freeze until it restores pre-sanctions level

Iran won’t consider a Crude oil production freeze until it reaches its pre-sanctions level of output of 4.2 million barrels a day, a senior energy official said Thursday.

Mehdi Hosseini, who heads the oil contracts revision committee at Iran’s Petroleum Ministry, said a freeze at anything less than that would be a continuation of the sanctions imposed on his country as a result of its disputed nuclear program.

“Our pre-sanction production was something around 4.2 (million barrels per day), and our exports was something around 2.5, 2.6 (million barrels per day) or so” Hosseini said on the margins of an oil conference in Paris. “Therefore any other figure less than that it means another sanction against ourselves. It is something we cannot accept.”


The statement is in line with Iran’s previous comments on the issue and comes after the country stayed away from a global producers’ meeting last weekend on whether to freeze production. With many international sanctions lifted under its nuclear deal with the U.S. and other world powers, Iran began exporting oil into the European market again and is eager to claw back market share. It produces 3.2 million barrels of oil a day now, with hopes of increasing to 4 million by April 2017.

The failure of last weekend’s meeting to yield any agreement dominated the conference’s morning sessions, with one audience member asking whether OPEC, an economic alliance of oil producing nations, had become a “zombie organization.”

“I heard many times that OPEC was dead,” OPEC Chairman Abdallah Salem el-Badri told participants. “OPEC will be around as long as there is oil in the ground.”

Outside the venue, around 30 demonstrators shouted slogans against fossil fuels and climate change, chanting: “One, two, three degrees — it’s a crime against humanity.”


Power plant ball valve Construction -standard production

Now there are some power plant  ball valve manufacturers are machining ball valve bodies from forged bar stock materials with massive wall thicknesses far exceeding that of rising stem valves. Some adopt the same ball valve body design on 1.5-inch and smaller sizes for all pressures classes—so that an ASME Class 1500 valve may actually have an ASME Class 4500 body. Usually Class150 300 600 800lb will have same body for SW/NPT connection valve, 900lb 1500lb will be one class.

80pcs forged steel ball valve for offshore oil platform

80pcs forged steel ball valve for offshore oil platform

ANSI small size forged steel ball valve for power plant, petro chemicla, oil gas service

Forged steel pcs Split bal l valve SW and NPT connection sample small size- ANSI small size forged steel ball valve for power plant, petro chemicla, oil gas service

Kinds of forged steel ball valve weld with pup piece, lever operated socket weld and NPT connection Solid ball

Kinds of forged steel ball valve weld with pup piece, lever operated socket weld and NPT connection Solid ball

Face to face inspection  for Forged stainless steel SW ball valve Socket weld

Face to face inspection for Forged stainless steel SW ball valve Socket weld

The standardization of Valve body reduces raw material inventory, streamlines machining, shortens production times and allows for virtually unlimited alloy material selection.

Valve body material include: A105 LF2 304 316 304L 316L F51 F53 Monel Inconel Hastelloy alloy


Usage is restricted by the pressure and temperature rating stated on the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) tag and relevant American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards.

These valve are not only used as Power station, also for Oil/gas and Petrochemical industry.


Nickel Aluminum Bronze Butterfly Valve

Nickel Aluminum Bronze Butterfly Valve  NI-AL Bronze Butterfly valve

Double eccentric and Three eccentric Butterfly valve

Butterfly valve Seat: PTFE RPTFE NBR EPDM FPM Nylon

or    SS+PTFE SS+RPTFE SS+PEEK SS+graphite

SS can be 304 316 316L 304L  nickel Inconel Monel  Duplex steel Super Duplex teel F51 F53

API609 butterfly valve Metal seated for sew water service

ASTM C95800 flanged Butterfly valve Metal seated lever operated 4″ 150LB

High pressure 300LB 12 Lug wafer type butterfly valve RPTFE seat High performance

HIGH performance API609 Butterfly valve 300lb 12″ with gearbox Wafer lug type

nickel-aluminum bronze butterfly valve Lug type

Lug type Manual operation C95500 Bronze Butterflly valve 300lb 8″

Extention stem NICKEL ALUMINM BRONZE BUTTERFLY for underground application

Long stem Butterfly valve ni-al bronze Double flanged


Nickel-Aluminum Bronze C63000


C63000 Aluminum Bronze is a high strength copper aluminum alloy, containing 81% copper, 10% aluminum, 5% nickel, 4% iron, and an excellent choice for applications involving heavy loads, abrasive wear resistant, friction, abrasive wear and corrosion. The addition of nickel increases the alloys strength without diminishing its excellent ductility, toughness and corrosion resistance.


C95500 Nickel Aluminum Bronze

One of the toughest non-ferrous alloys known. Characterized as a high tensile, nickel bearing aluminum bronze, with exceptional yield, compressive strength, high hardness, and fairly high elongation. Exhibits good shock and high stress qualities. Excellent bearing material suitable for heavy duty, high shock, and high impact applications. Has good resistance to sea water corrosion, heat resistance, good machinability, and weldability. Can be heat treated.


C95500HT Nickel Aluminum Bronze

C95500 Nickel Aluminum Bronze is the toughest non-ferrous alloys known. The additional heat treating process further strengthens the mechanical properties of this alloy making it a perfect fit for heavy duty applications. C95500HT is available from Dura-Bar Metal Services in solids, tubes and rectangles.


C95510HT Nickel Aluminum Bronze

One of the more popular landing gear bushing materials specified today along with C63000 material. The continuous cast alloy is heat treated and exhibits high mechanical strength which meets the properties of C63000.


C95800 Nickel Aluminum Bronze

C95800 Nickel Aluminum Bronze is used to produce nuts, worm wheels, bushings, propeller blades, wear plates and gears. C95800 is available from Dura-Bar Metal Services in solids, tubes and rectangles.


Chemical Composition (according to ASTM B505/B505M-14)

Alloy Cu% Fe% Ni%1 Al% Mn%
1Ni value includes Co.
Note: Cu + Sum of Named Elements, 99.5% min. Single values, unless otherwise noted, represent maximums.
C95500 78.00 MIN 3.00-

Mechanical Properties (according to ASTM B505/B505M-14)

Tensile Strength(min) Yield Strength(at .5% extention under load min) Elongation(in 2in. or 50mm min, %) Brinell Hardness(min) Remarks
Ksi MPa Ksi MPa
95 655 42 290 10 N/A


Similar or Equivalent Specification

CDA ASTM ASARCON SAE AMS Federal Military Other

Chemical Composition (according to ASTM B505/B505M-14)

Alloy Cu% Pb% Fe%1 Ni%2 Al% Mn% Si%
1Fe content shall not exceed Ni content.   2Ni value includes Co.
Note: Cu + Sum of Named Elements, 99.5% min. Single values, unless otherwise noted, represent maximums.
C95800 79.00 MIN 0.03 3.50-

Mechanical Properties (according to ASTM B505/B505M-14)

Tensile Strength(min) Yield Strength(at .5% extention under load min) Elongation(in 2in. or 50mm min, %) Brinell Hardness(min) Remarks
Ksi MPa Ksi MPa
85 586 35 241 18 N/A

Triple offset Butterfly Valve for Slovakia power plant

These DN600 PN6 Metal seated Butterfly valve are triple offset design with seal ring: ss+graphite Body material: A216 WCB Double flanged connection with special face to face:600mm. The butterfly are used for cooling water in slovakia power plant ~~. Total 16 pieces require shipment in 50 days.

Mark of casting : in body there will be :valve size, valve pressure, valve body material, valve heat no. valve flow direction.

Rough Machining and fine machining of body

Assembly of three offset butterfly valve

Valve pressure test include:1.5times body pressure test by water, 1.1times seal test by water and 0.6bar seal test by air in one direction for eccentric butterfly valve.

After painting the valve will be ready for packing and inspection

The inspector are doing inspection for all item of butterfly valve: critical dimension like face to face and flange hole distance will be inspected one by one, other dimension will be random

The valve will be packed with suitable material for sea transportation:usually export wooden case with soft material inside,and  protected wooden bar between valves to avoid impact.


OMB Valves to open new plant in Korea

OMB Valves to open new plant in Korea

OMB, the Italian manufacturer of valves for the oil and gas industry, announced plans to operate a new manufacturing facility in the Republic of Korea, which will be located in Gimpo, Seoul, region. The new company will be called OMK. Construction is scheduled to begin in early January 2015, and the facility is expected to be fully functional by the end of May 2015.

“Our plan to create a new valve manufacturing facility in Korea represents our commitment to further the growth of OMB business and better support our customers in the region”, said Simone Brevi, managing director, OMB Valve.

Brevi continued, “In 2015 we have committed to investments of nearly USD 15M in new equipment and facility upgrades in all our facilities worldwide. The new facility in Korea is a major step of our strategy: with this investment we will be uniquely positioned to serve our customers with fast delivery, exceptional integrity, and the highest quality valves available in the industry.” OMB will invest up to USD 3M to set up the Gimpo facility, which will include modification and assembly equipment including cryogenic and high pressure gas testing facilities.