Globe Valve Installation,Operation and Maintenance Manual

Globe Valve Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual

Valve type
Hand operated rising stem straight style globe valve

Usage and feature
Series flanged ends cast steel are used in oilfield, chemical-industrial, power-station for cutting and connecting the pipe.




Strength testing  pressure


Sealing testing



Sealing testing




Applicable medium




Water, oil











15 Mpa

11 Mpa

Working theory and configuration direction
1. Series globe valve are designed and made under standard ASME16.34,JB/T7746, tested under standard API598,JB/T9092.
2. Hand wheel moving clockwise will close the disc and cut the pipe. As anti-clock will open the disc.
3. The valve with sealing fitting, as the disc is opened, the stem is on the highest position. The up sealing of the valve will keep the packing and the material apart, that will extend the using time of the packing.
4. The sealing fixing adopts the welding Stellite stainless steel which is good abrade-resistance,
corrode-resistance, anti-bruise for extending the use.
5. The products have reasonable configuration, beautiful design, excellent feature, reliable sealing function.

The request of installation
1. To install any valves must be sure the security and easy to operate ,repair, uninstall and installment.
2. The stem must be vertical installed in the aclinic pipes.
3. Keep the same directions of material flowing and valve body marked direction. without mark, please install by valve principle. Do not install on the wrong way.
4. Before the installation. checking the style requested. The inside and outside of the valves are clear or not. the valve is in the good condition or not.
5. When install the flanged ends valve. must keep the consistent and reasonable clearance of the valve’s flange and the pipe’s flange. Do not appear the wrong link, crossing link or opened. Put the washer in the middle of flange. The screw keep tie and balance. After fix the screw. checking the clearance of the parts, which kept the same.
6. When install the threaded end valves .put the moving ends into the both side of the valves. The according as the fact. sealing material can use the PTFE and sealing glue. Do not dirty the inside room of the valve with any sealing material.
7. As the fact, adopting the measure to resist the corrode and keep the temperature.
Valve configuration simple picture and main parts, material list
A) Flanged ends straight style globe valve
No Parts name Material
1 Body WCB
2 Disc 25
3 Stem 1Cr13
4 Flat cover 25
5 Gasket Graphite+ stainless steel
6 Bonnet WCB
7 Stud 35CrMoA
8 Nut 35
9 Packing Graphite
10 Gland WCB
11 Yoke nut Copper alloy
12 Hand wheel KTH330

B) Inside threaded globe valve
No Parts name Material
1 Body A105
2 Disc A105
3 Stem 2Cr13
4 Gasket Graphite + stainless steel
5 Bonnet A105
6 Packing Graphite
7 Stuffing cover 2Cr13
8 Yoke nut QA19-4
Main outline dimension and ends size
(Attached products catalog)

Maintain and Protection
1. Put the valve in the draught place with filling of two side. For the long time store, smearing the rust-proof oil in the regulated time.
2. Must close the gate when the valve stored, that is for protecting the sealing face.
3. Clear the valve before installation.
4. Please check the pressure, diameter before installation that will avoid wrong install.
5. The valve can be installed in any place except it is appointed. Which is easy to work and fix.
6. The driver must keep cleaning. Immit lubricant in the regulated time.

Fault, reason and fix

Fault Reason Fix measure
Leakage of the packing
  1. The gland is not tie
  2. Not enough packing loop
  3. Packing beyond the time or wrong store
    1. Tie the nut
    2. Add the loop
    3. Replace the packing
Leakage of the sealing room 4.  Attached dirt or the sealing loop damaged 4. Clear the dirt or replace sealing parts
Leakage of the gasket or self sealing ends
  1. Bolt or packing box are not tie with sealing loop
5. Tie the screw that enable the bonnet tie and raised
Hand wheel is not flexible or wedge disc can be notopened
  1. Packing is too tie
  2. The gland fixing is incline
  3. Yoke thread is damaged or attached dirt.
  4. The yoke nut is damaged or broken
  5. The stem bent
6.  Loosen the nut on the gland

  1. Correct the gland
  2. Open and repair the screw thread or clear the dirt
  3. Replace the yoke nut
  4. Correct the stem

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