New excellent valve product – Semi-ball valve

Semi ball valves have the characteristics of small opening force, good sealing performance, etc. Hemispherical valves are widely used in two-phase media such as water, steam, sewage, petrochemical industry, natural gas, solution and slurry, as well as ideal transmission equipment for dust and gas, because of their wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials.


When storing semi ball valves for a long time, regular inspection should be carried out to keep the surface area runner clean, remove dirt, and coat with preservatives to keep them in a semi-open state. Continue reading “New excellent valve product – Semi-ball valve”

Concentric Butterfly Valve Stock/fast delivery Available-Europe Wareshouse

Center Disc Butterfly Valve Stock and Semi-finished products.

To meet client urgent need and quick delivery, Sangong Flow Control Concentric Butterfly Valve factory keeps Large qty Ductile Iron /stailess steel stock and valve parts.

butterfly valve body casting stock, ductile iron, mainly use for clean medium water, civil project,water treatment, power plant, building, offshore/marine supertructure

For below semi-finished products, can be delivery within 3days.
Include: Wafer ductile iron from DN32 to DN1200 suitble for both PN6 PN10 PN16 PN25 150LB, JIS10K,
U type Double flanged body, Wafer-lug type 150lb, CF8 /CF8M body Continue reading “Concentric Butterfly Valve Stock/fast delivery Available-Europe Wareshouse”

The market competitiveness of cast iron valves is further reduced?

With the acceleration of urbanization in China, domestic sewage treatment and municipal treatment facilities will also be developed on a large scale. As a necessary pipe and valve, it will welcome a broad market prospects.

Thanks to the strong support of the government, the production and application of plastic pipes in China has really begun to develop rapidly, and cast iron pipes have been replaced in some fields, such as: sanitary ware water tank fittings with water intake below water level (low water intake); leakage with water seal less than 5 cm, which is prohibited in all new construction projects and maintenance projects; cast iron drainage pipes with common sockets (manual sand turning rigid joint) Cast Iron Drainage Pipe; Galvanized Iron Sheet Outdoor Rainwater Pipe; Spiral Lifting Cast Iron Nozzle; Cast Iron Globe Valve. It is not allowed to be used in indoor parts of residential projects. Continue reading “The market competitiveness of cast iron valves is further reduced?”

Technical Specifications for Valve Selection and Configuration

Valve Selection and Setting Position

(1) Valve Selection Principle for Water Supply Pipeline

1. When the pipe diameter is not more than 50 mm, globe valve should be used. When the pipe diameter is greater than 50 mm, gate valve and butterfly valve should be used.

Kinds of water valve,industrial valve list

2. When flow and water pressure need to be regulated, adjusting valves and globe valves should be adopted.

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Is Valve quality the reason of China chemical EXPLOSION: Yancheng chemical factory In March 21th

As Valve supplier, an occupation habit, each accident /explosion showed in media, we can’t help wondering whether it is caused by valve quality problems?  Although the probability is not necessarily very high. We will constantly remind ourselves to concentrate on improving valve quality and take this as a precaution.

44 killed, at least 90 people were seriously injured in the explosion at the Jiangsu Tianjiayi Chemical Co., the state-run China News Service said Friday, and 32 of them were critically ill. Videos circulating online showed people who appeared to have been cut by glass and other debris, eastern China’s Jiangsu province on 2019 Thursday (March 21) afternoon.

Explosion-in-China-yancheng-chemical-plant-Footage showed people lying on the ground

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Valve part-Rubber factory-Visit

To improve valve quality and strength relation with supplier,  Last week  we visit and assess valve parts-rubber factory, huami rubber technology , Well equipped and certified  : ISO9001 ISO14001 IATF16949 by TUV , OHSAS18001 BY BS  and other china Military certification, industry qualification.  Have many application for most main china automobile factory and CRRC (china high speed train)and other high end Military industry.

Rubber factory-Production workshop

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Feature and Function of Plug /Cock valve, safety valve, steam trap, pressure relief valve, check valve

5. Cock Valve

It refers to a kind of valve whose closing parts are plunger-shaped rotary valves. The opening or closing of the valve can be realized by 90 degree rotation to make the opening on the valve plug and the opening on the valve body open or separate. The shape of the valve plug can be cylindrical or conical. Its principle is basically similar to that of ball valves. Ball valves are developed on the basis of cock valves. They are mainly used in oil field exploitation and petrochemical industry.

invert pressure balance oil Lubricated APIplug valve 300LB

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Advantages and Disadvantages of  Globe Valves

Globe Valve

Valve refers to a valve whose closure (disc) moves along the center line of the seat. According to the movement of the disc, the change of the seat opening is proportional to the disc travel. Because the stem opening or closing stroke of this kind of valve is relatively short, and has a very reliable cut-off function, and because the change of the seat opening is proportional to the disc travel, it is very suitable for flow regulation. Therefore, this type of valve is very flexible for cutting or regulating and throttling.

Bellow seal DIN Carbonsteel globe valve rising stem OY&S with lever DN80

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Advantages and Disadvantages of  Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valve

Butterfly valve is a kind of valve that opens, closes and regulates fluid passage by reciprocating about 90 degrees of disc-type opening and closing parts.


It is simple in structure, small in volume, light in weight and low in consumables. It is not used in large caliber valves.

Pneumatic actutaer Metal seated butterfly valve Stainless steel 316TI-150LB-8″

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Advantages and Disadvantages of  Ball Valves

Ball valve

The ball valve is evolved from the cock valve. Its opening and closing part is a sphere, which rotates 90 degrees around the axis of the valve stem to achieve the purpose of opening and closing. Ball valve is mainly used to cut off, distribute and change the direction of medium flow in pipeline. The ball valve with V-shaped opening also has good flow regulation function.

Stainelsee steel ball valve list,threadflangewafetype-2pcs-3pcs-1pcsbody-Three way-four way

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