100X type Floating Ball Valve – Product Installation and Maintenance

Water Control Valve Series: Installation and Maintenance of 100X type floating ball valve

Installation and Maintenance

1. Main valve should be installed on the inlet of pool or high water towel. Though other method also able to operate normally, the best way is install valve on the pipe horizontally with the cover upward. Float valve should be installed in the tank or water towel, in order to remote control easily as shown below.
2. Before installation, the pipe should be totally clear up. The valve should be installed follow the arrow direction.
3. 1 pc gate valve and 1 pc filter should be installed before main valve, 1pc gate valve should be installed after main valve, in order to facilitate maintenance.
4. During water test, open the front gate valve slowly so to increase pressure slowly, attention to the leakage of the control pipe outside main valve.
5. In order to pack conveniently, the float valve will be installed in main valve. The actual installation as shown below.
6. The micro filter in the conduit entrance of main valve should be cleaned one time each 2-3 month.

Main valve maintenance instruction

Hydraulic control valve, also named as water control valve, self lubricate by water, it doesn’t require any oil. If the parts of main valve damage, please dismantle the valve follow below instruction. Notes: (Usually the wearing parts within main valve are diaphragm and o-ring. There is little damage for other parts)
1. Close gate valve both before and after main valve
2. Loose the screw in pipe joint of main valve cover, release valve pressure
3. Remove all the screw, including all necessary copper pipe and nut in control pipe.
4. Remove cover and spring
5. Remove stem, diaphragm, piston and so on, not to damage the diaphragm
6. Check if the diaphragm and o –ring is damage, if they haven’t damage, please don’t resolve their internal parts.

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