Oxygen globe valve: copper alloy globe valve

Oxygen globe valve is one of the special valves for oxygen pipeline network. It not only has the function of ordinary globe valve, but also has the characteristics of good flame retardancy, good conductivity, fast heat transfer, compact structure, oil proof, safety and reliability. With the development of metallurgical industry, oxygen globe valve and oxygen ball valve are widely used in iron and steel, metallurgy, medicine, chemical industry and so on.

Bronze Oxygen Globe Valve DN200PN25


Compressed oxygen exposed to a small amount of oil will immediately burn violently and cause explosion, so oxygen pipeline pipes, fittings, cushions and all materials in contact with oxygen must be strictly degreased before installation and use.

Flow direction

Oxygen special valves should be selected for the valves in oxygen pipelines. Globe valves are mostly used in domestic oxygen pipelines. The flow direction of common valve media is down-in, up-out. Under the condition of oxygen, the valve runner is different from the ordinary valve.Choose up-in, down-out to ensure that the stem is well stressed and the spool closes quickly.

Internal chamber

At the same time,the inner chamber of the valve should be smooth, and without sharp angles. The chamfer of the inner parts should be rounded, and the streamline type should be adopted as far as possible so as to make oxygen flow without sudden change of pressure and direction.


Oxygen and other similar gases contribute to combustion,so the valve material should be anti-rust, and good flame retardancy, so at least stainless steel CF8 CF8M CF3 at least , copper alloy was prefered

Oxygen copper alloy globe valve DN250PN40 Withbypassvalve DN25

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