Lug type Eccentric API609 Butterfly valve with PTFE seated-German Valve

Last month, we successfully Execute an Germany PO-SG03113 though we delayed the delivery time due to imcompatible mold and Temporary PO change by end user. The first lot was delivered by air in client account. The second lot of order was delivery by express in SGV account.  Serious quality control was required. We believe we can do better next time.

Order requirement: It was serviced for cooling project in German

API609 design butterfly valve with gearbox operated PTFE seated. Painted with Epoxy Zinc.

Body: A351 LCB  Disc: 316/CF8M  Stem: 17-4PH  Seat: PTFE

300lb Lug type butterfly valve  2″ 17 pcs

150lb Lug type butterfly valve  10″ 4 pcs

150lb Lug type butterfly valve  12″  8pcs

The export packing of wooden case..

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