Valve Delevepoment Trend:Versatile Hydraulic control valve, Intelligent electric control valve, energy-saving valve

Valve Delevepoment Trend: Versatile Hydraulic control valve(high performance, butterfly valve), Intelligent electric control valve(remote control, gate valve), energy-saving valve(standardardization, seris valve)

With the development of science and technology, the competition for valves is more and more fierce and at the same time the future development of the valve has been the hot focus in the market. Hydraulic control valve, electric control valve, energy-saving valve are the three main valves in the market, what will be their development in the future.

1. Hydraulic control valve(like the butterfly valve)– whose development trend is versatile. To be high performance is necessary for this kind of valve, like large emission, resistance to corrosion, high sensitivity, abrasion, leakiness and so on. Besides for the high performance, the valve is also required to adopt the integrated technology, computer technology and monitoring technology. In a word, the product with the features of reliability, safety and comfort is the aim for the manufactories.

2. Intelligent electric control valve (like the motor operated gate valve) should aim at having the function of remote control. Nowadays although the control valve is widely used in all kinds of industries, it still can not keep up with the development of industries and can not meet the need for different environment. The great projects need the large-sized control valve with high performance. To develop small-sized ones can satisfy the requirements of narrow jobs such as digging the canal, burying cable. What’s more, in order to monitor, control and improve the working condition for operators, it is a trend to develop intelligent electric valve operated through remote control. If the company can first develop this product, it is very potential for him to control the market.

3. The energy-saving valve used for engineer projects should be manufactured in series. In order to satisfy the need of the market, it is urgent to develop series of the valves including large-sized one, small-sized one or new type one. Besides, it is necessary to develop the variable-speed valves, such as swamp type, desert type, the type for high temperature and high pressure, heavy or light type and so on. All in all, if the company wants to conquer the market share, it is a better way to develop high effective energy-saving valve with multi-function. Among so many energy-saving valves, the relatively promising products are large-sized ones, caterpillar gate valves with large power and small-sized butterfly valves.

Besides the above, it is important for a company to make the valves to follow the trend of seriation, universalization and standardization. Meanwhile, high level, good safety and excellent performance advanced valves are needed in the market.

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