Valve Price Doesn’t Mean Everything

Usually many Distributor/Importer or Wholesaler of industrial valve, especially from third world country, they eveluate valve by several factor.1. price is most important  2. quality 3. after sales time  5. service 6. payment method… Other factors might change their rank, but price is most important for them.

Howover, we’d like to say Valve price doesn’t mean everything.  See below pic, we see this surprising pic in one factory when we visit their neighbour local recently.

Watch it carefully, the middle flange(connet to bonnet) was caved out.
The insider diameter of pass is smaller than Normainal diameter. It is a reduce bore valve.For example, DN200 PN16 steel gate valve, the valve bore dimension is just 145mm at the seat position.
The body thickness, still not tested, but as per our engineer experiences and touch by finger, it is lower than standard.

That’s how cheap valve produce. By this method, we think the weight of valve can be 20%-50% lighter, so does the price.


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