Spring Emergency shut off butterfly valve-quick closing valve

Spring Emergency shut off butterfly valve-quick closing valve 

The emergency shutoff valve or trip valve is used on the above mentioned steam turbines to shut off the flow steam, which is the power source for the turbine in case an overspeed condition of the turbine, or in some cases when the unit is set up for a low oil pressure condition. These turbines are used as general purpose power supplies throughout refineries chemical plants power plants and other areas where steam is generated for heating.

The goal of long term runs more than one year has been desired due to lost production when the turbines are shut down man power required to go through the procedure transferring production to another source and the potential of causing damage to the turbine during shut down and start up.

SGV Quick closing valve is a Spring Emergency shut off butterfly valve which is Electric-hydraulic operated, can be closed within 0.5~1 second.The valve is applied to parrallel generator sets. It shut immediatedly as the accident happens, to prevents the steam and condensed water flowing back and destrying the sets.

This Fast closing valve is mainly used in coal gas residual heat power generation system and extration steam turbine system. The valve is critical auxiliary equipment for system. it can instead of electric cut off buuterfly valve and check butterfly valve because of its small flow resistance and sper seal function.

Valve body and seal structure adopt ADMAS type seal structure, triple offset metal seated butterfly valve.Open and close handily and without leakage.For normal applicaiton, soft seat might be suitable and seal performance can be credible.

Quick closing butterfly valve adopts hdraulic spring or hydraulic accumulator actuators. Both two types are safely and credibly.

Both two kinds operation valve have two stage of close:fast close stage and slow close stage. At the end of closing stage, the valve will be close slowly, so to reduce water hammer and avoid slamming. This design prolong the equippments servive life.

The price of this valve is just about 30% percent of imported western similar products.

Main technical parameter
Nominal pressure (MPa) 0.6 1.0 1.6 2.5
Nominal diameter (mm) 200-1800
Testing pressure (MPa) Strength testing 0.9 1.5 2.4 3.75
Seal testing 0.66 1.1 1.76 2.75
Working pressure (MPa) 0.6 1.0 1.6
Applicable medium Water, steam, coal gas
Applicable temperature for hard seal: ≤425

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  1. In my country, there is an power plant maintance, I think there is some opportunity to replace this emergency closing valve, it is 2pcs DN200 PN100 butt weld connection, their former valve is ADMAS quick closing valve, which require closing in 0.8S, do you have some export experiences in this valve, because our client haven’t purchase valve from china before especially this critical valve for turban system…

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