The world young scientists (Wenzhou) summit 2019: Yongjia pump valve industry summit forum

In the afternoon of October 26, the world young scientists (Wenzhou) summit 2019 Yongjia pump valve industry summit forum was held. All kinds of talents from all over the world gathered together to talk about advanced technology and seek innovative development around Yongjia pump valve industry technology docking activities, aiming to lead Yongjia pump valve industry innovation and upgrading, help Yongjia economy develop with high quality and better serve the new era. “Two health” construction in Wenzhou. Chen Xuedong, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering and technical expert of special equipment design, manufacturing, operation and maintenance engineering attended the Forum.

At the meeting, Chen Xuedong, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, made a keynote report entitled “enhancing the technological innovation ability of enterprises and promoting the industrial foundation project”. He made an in-depth analysis on the definition and connotation of the industrial foundation, the current situation, existing problems and reasons of the industrial foundation, and put forward some suggestions on how to improve the innovation ability of enterprises and promote the industrial foundation.

Later, Professor Huang army, deputy dean of the school of materials, Harbin University of technology, Professor Huang Mingya, director of Anhui Hefei General Valve Machinery Research Institute, Professor Lv Weijie, researcher of the State Key Laboratory of metal matrix composite materials, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Professor Li Jian, Zhejiang University and Professor Jin Zhijiang, Zhejiang University, respectively made thematic reports.

“Fundamentals of design and application of titanium matrix composite with high heat resistance and wear resistance”

“Valve technology development trend”,

“Progress in preparation, application and industrialization of in situ titanium matrix composites”,

“Research on plasma oxynitriding of metal surface”

“Status, problems and Countermeasures of high performance special control valve”

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