API 6D Stainless steel/Carbon steel Spring Return Deadman Lever Operated Ball Valve

Spring return ball valve only needs to rotate 90 degrees of operation and a very small moment of rotation to connect the flow of media, loosen the handle of the ball valve, and automatically rebound under the action of the spring reset.

API6D stainless steel Spring return Deadman lever operated ball valve with 2pc body DN50 150LBa

Spring return lever ball valve refers to the opening of the valve, if the handle is loosened, the spring on the handle will automatically close the ball valve. This valve requires reliable opening and closing torque, and can not be too large, generally through the seat interference can be controlled. Normally, those with reset will also be locked.

Note: Automatic reset is generally applicable to the requirement of electrical circuit failure when the valve device can use its own mechanism to achieve valve failure position reset.

Generally refers to the valve with a driving device, the device is generally pneumatic or hydraulic, generally pneumatic. Pneumatic device is reset with spring. Single electronically controlled solenoid valve is used to control the air circuit. When the solenoid valve loses power, the air circuit turns to exhaust. At this time, the valve is driven by the spring of the pneumatic device, and displaces to open or close position without additional energy to drive.

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