Valve Testing, Marking, Shippment Preparation, Dimension, Inspection, Substitution&Variation, Guarantee, Cercification&Tracebility, Documentation Requirement -Project SGPK03

1 Floating ball, gate, globe, needle and piston check valves, shall be pressure tested in accordance with BS6755 Part 1, leakage rate ‘A’ (i.e. zero) unless specified
otherwise in the data sheet.
2 Trunnion mounted ball, butterfly, swing check and dual plate wafer check valves,
shall be pressure tested in accordance with API 598. Butterfly valves 14”NPS and
larger shall also be subjected to a disk strength test in accordance with BS5155.
3 Where stated on the valve data sheet, fire type-testing shall be in accordance with BS6755 Part 2, API 6FA or API 607 as applicable. All valves offered shall be
qualified by applicable fire test certification, details of which shall be available for Purchaser review, if requested.

4 See Table 1 and 2 for additional non-destructive testing requirements and Table 3 for specific pressure testing requirements.
5 SP items shall be tested in accordance with manufacturers and accepted industry
standards. Vendor shall provide details of all testing offered for purchaser review with
6 Valves and SP items shall be clean built, unpainted and free from preservatives and grease during testing
7 Hydrostatic testing shall be completed using potable water containing 1% by volume
of biodegradable wetting agent. Maximum chloride content shall be 25ppm and the
pH value shall be between 6.0 and 8.0.
8 Castings shall not be impregnated with any material to prevent leakage.
9 Upon completion of satisfactory testing all components to be thoroughly drained and dried prior to preparation for packing.
1 In addition to the markings required by MSS SP-25 each valve / SP item shall be
provided with a stainless steel tag 50mm x 20mm x 3mm with the valve / SP item
nominal size, tag number, purchase order number and purchase order item number
punched on. The tag shall be attached to the valve with stainless steel wire.
1 Gate, globe, needle and butterfly valves shall be dispatched in the fully closed
position. Ball valves shall be dispatched in the open position.
2 All valves and SP items shall be protected against corrosion and mechanical damage
in accordance with RFQ/PO Exhibit ‘C’ and the Vendors/Manufacturers procedures,
a copy of which shall be supplied with bid for Purchaser review.
3 All flange faces shall be supplied with proprietary heavy duty plastic flange protectors
or bolted on hardboard covers. Butt weld and threaded ends shall be supplied with
suitable bevel and thread protectors and plugs to prevent ingress of dirt.
1 Valve dimensional details shall be in accordance with the design standard specified
in the valve data sheet. SP item dimensional details shall be in accordance with the
applicable SP item data sheet. Face to face dimensions are critical and must be
confirmed with bid, top works and overall dimensions shall also be provided with bid.
Specification For Procurement of Valves & Specialty Piping Items Doc No SP-00-L-0027 Rev 0Sheet 12 of 15
1 Typical Inspection & Test Plan shall be submitted for review with the bid. All valves and SP items will be subject to inspection in accordance with the Purchaser
approved Vendor Inspection & Test Plan.
1 Where a Vendor wishes to supply a suitable alternative to that specified in the data sheet, they shall submit a specification of alternatives to the Purchaser for approval at the bid stage.
2 In the event of an order, the Vendor shall make no substitutions or variations to the requirements of that order without written approval from the Purchaser.
3 Where the Vendor wishes to make a substitution or variation to an item on the order, the Vendor shall complete the Purchaser’s Request For Information (RFI) form and return this form for approval. If variation will affect the data sheet, this should also be attached showing the change.
4 The Purchaser will review each completed RFI form issued by the Vendor for the
Order, for acceptance or rejection.
5 Approved Forms shall be sent to the Vendor for inclusion in the MDR. Rejected forms shall be sent to the Vendor for action.
1 Vendor shall guarantee all equipment as being suitable for the design conditions and service fluids stated on the valve & SP item data sheets. Confirmation of suitability shall be stated in the Vendors bid e.g. seats, seals etc.
1 All valves and SP items shall be certified and copies of all documentation shall be supplied for each valve and SP item. Blanket certification is not acceptable.
Certificates shall be provided in accordance with material requisition Document Data
Submittal Requirements (DDSR) covering each item supplied. All certificates shall be
fully traceable to the item covered and shall be marked with the Purchasers order
number, item number and tag/part number. They shall be clearly legible, in the
English language.
2 Material Certificates for basic material i.e. plate, forgings, or castings used in the
manufacture of flanges and valve
/SP item bodies, bonnets and pressure retaining
parts shall be furnished as test certificates of the EN 10204 3.1B type. Vendor shall
confirm which parts are considered pressure retaining (see RFQ/PO Exhibit ‘E’
Attachment No 1) and shall include a list in the bid for Purchaser review
3 The certificates shall be issued, stamped and signed by the material Manufacturer’s
inspector, who shall be independent of the Manufacturer’s Production Department.
This certificate shall also be stamped and verified by the valve Manufacturer’s
QA/QC Department.
4 Where basic material is further processed by the Vendor to form the valve/SP item body or internal components and such process may change the mechanical
properties, etc., the Vendor shall also furnish EN 10204 -3.1B type certificates for the
Manufacture of the furnished item.
5 For valve and SP item internals and non-pressure containing parts, works reports of the BS EN 10204 2.2 type shall be acceptable.
6 The valve/SP item supplier shall supply certificates of conformity for non-metallic
components of valves/SP items.
1 Documentation shall be submitted in accordance with material requisition Document Data Submittal Requirements (DDSR).


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