Forged steel Valve are ready for Deliver in time by Stock and Semi-finished Plan/arrangement

Nowadays there is an trend require for quicker and quicker deliver  with small and customized order in Valve industry, especially for small sized forged steel valve. Due to limit valve kinds and low unit value compare with large size valves, stock is workable and semi-finished products able for most normal material like A105, 20steel, F304, F316. LF2 and F11, F22, Monel, Duplex steel, Hastelloy alloy are possible when required. Connection: double flanged, socket weld, Threaded, butt weld valves and main four stock type valves.

Semi-finished products makes us to complete most 90% order winthin 2 weeks and shipment in 3 weeks. Like API602 A105 gate valves 800lb Socket weld connection, Stock or part semi-finished products are available. Semi-finished products reduce stock level and able to cover most production line. Usually just fine machining and assemble/test needed.


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