Vacuum Globe Valve-Product Installation & Maintenance Manual

Vacuum Globe Valve


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Product Installation & Maintenance Manual



This vacuum valve is mainly used in heat-engine plant’s vacuum minus pressure and condensation system, Petrochemical, Pharmaceuticals and other industry’s negative pressure condensation system. as a open-close and separation device.


1. Pressure: PN10~100.0bar

2. Nominal diameter: DN10~DN150mm

3.Medium: Water、Steam、Air、Oil

4. Working Temperature: Carbon steel t≤425  ,alloy t≤530

Working principle and structure

1 Working Principle: move valve clack up and down by shaft’s up-and-down movement, this movement leads to valve’s transform between open and close.

2 Structure instrument

A Structure Type: full bore and rising stem

B Operate type: manual or electric  Connection type: butt weld or socket weld


D The height of valve is low and

E Bonnet packing box adopt vacuum seal device, Nickel filled soft graphite packing, ,enhance PTFE packing and Grease seal ring, enhance seal performance by add high vacuum seal silicon grease which improves the sealing effect of packing and stem, separate system from air.

F Electric valve’ open and close are control by electric actuator, and the structure of electric actuator can be found in Manual of Electric Actuator

Maintenance, Installation and Usage

1. Maintenance

1) This valve should be stocked in dry and venting indoor environment. Damp-prevent and rust-prevent

2)when the valve is installing and transporting , start-stop part should be in closing position and the end should be protected by cage , to prevent dust and rust, for example, shaft’s dovetail threaded portion should be coated with grease substance, outside part should be protected and dust-prevention

3) Period check should be executed when stock in long time, shaft surface 、dovetail threaded portion, fouling and rust in channel, the protection of welding face should be checked every three month, clean the fouling and rust ,then protected by painting rust preventing oil.

4)During using process, add oil to turning part, coat shaft’s dovetail threaded portion with lubricating grease . Fill CaidonFC40 every four year..

2 Installation and Usage

1) Manual vacuum globe valve can be installed in any position of the conduit, and electric vacuum globe valve should be vertically installed in horizontal conduit, these valve usually keep in completely open or close position when used. If required, valve also can be kept in any position,

2) Below work must be executed before installment

A Remove cage first , clean conduit and clear oil sludge

B Remove the protection oilpaper of shaft’s dovetail threaded portion, then re-paint dovetail threaded portion with grease

C Clean conduit then install valve, avoid destroy seal face

3) Keep the correct flow direction during installation

4) Rotate hand wheel makes shaft move up-and –down ,to open and close valve ,during moving , valve under balance force ,when near completely open and close ,should move slowly.

5) Manual operated valve, move clockwise to open, and move anti-clockwise to close

6) Add “CaidonFC40” to rotate place, separate system from air.

7) Before install and use electric valve , electric actuator opening indictor and valve must be checked according to Manual of Electric Actuator, make sure these consistent .

8) Manual valve vacuum globe valve(DN≥50) ‘s handwheel and electric vacuum globe valve ;electric actuator should not be used for hoisting.

9) The medium should not contain hard particle, to avoid destroying seal face.

10) Valve have been test and inspect before leave factory, can be taken pressure test or installed directly.

Main Parts Material

Parts name Body Bonnet Valve clack Shaft Seal face Grease seal ring Packing Screw nut
Cast steel valve 25WCB WCB 25 2Cr13 D507Mo ZCuA19Mn2 Nickel filled soft graphite packing Carbon steel
Alloy valve Chrome molybdenum steelChrome molybdenum cast steel Chrome stainlesssteel Chrome molybdenum steel Cobalt-base alloys Stainless steel Chrome molybdenum steel

Possible trouble and solution

Possible trouble cause solution
Leakage between valve clack and valve seal face
  1. some pollutant in seal face
  2. wear and wash-out in seal face
  3. Remove pollutant
  4. grind seal face again or weld and manufacture seal face
Leakage in connection about body and bonnet 1.2.damge in flange seal face3.breakge or invalid in gasket 1.balance again3.change gasket
Leakage in shaft packing
  1. gland not enough press
  2. wear of packing
  3. pitting in shaft surface
  4. equably press gland by tightening screw
  5. increase or change packing
  6. coping shaft surface or change shaft
Shaft ‘s up-and-down movement not fflexible 1.too tough


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