Oxygen globe valve: copper alloy globe valve

Oxygen globe valve is one of the special valves for oxygen pipeline network. It not only has the function of ordinary globe valve, but also has the characteristics of good flame retardancy, good conductivity, fast heat transfer, compact structure, oil proof, safety and reliability. With the development of metallurgical industry, oxygen globe valve and oxygen ball valve are widely used in iron and steel, metallurgy, medicine, chemical industry and so on.

Bronze Oxygen Globe Valve DN200PN25


Compressed oxygen exposed to a small amount of oil will immediately burn violently and cause explosion, so oxygen pipeline pipes, fittings, Continue reading “Oxygen globe valve: copper alloy globe valve”

Globe Valve Installation,Operation and Maintenance Manual

Globe Valve Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual

Valve type
Hand operated rising stem straight style globe valve

Usage and feature
Series flanged ends cast steel are used in oilfield, chemical-industrial, power-station for cutting and connecting the pipe.




Strength testing  pressure


Sealing testing



Sealing testing




Applicable medium




Water, oil











15 Mpa

11 Mpa

Working theory and configuration direction
1. Series globe valve are designed and made under standard ASME16.34,JB/T7746, tested under standard API598,JB/T9092.
2. Hand wheel moving clockwise will close the disc and cut the pipe. As anti-clock will open the disc. Continue reading “Globe Valve Installation,Operation and Maintenance Manual”

VALVE TYPE SPECIFICATIONS/GEAR REQUIREMENT-ball,gate,globe,check,butterfly valve


Ball valves shall be provided with the following:
• Lockable device (opened and closed).
• Blow-out proof stem.
• Split body design.
• Anti static device tested in accordance with ISO 17292 or API 6D as applicable.
• Trunnion mounted ball valves shall have a cavity relief seat.
• Suitable for bi-directional use.
• Ball shall be solid. Hollow ball is subject to MISC/MMHE approval.
• Ball position indicator.
Floating ball valves are acceptable up to 6” in class 150 and 300, 3” in class 600. Continue reading “VALVE TYPE SPECIFICATIONS/GEAR REQUIREMENT-ball,gate,globe,check,butterfly valve”

الصفحة الرئيسية

اسم المنتج: صمام مزورة الصلب غلوب

مزورة الصلب الصمامات العالم وأساسا لوقف أو ربط المتوسطة في خطوط الأنابيب على أنظمة مختلفة من محطة للطاقة الحرارية، وخاصة بالنسبة للغير قابلة للتآكل وسائل مثل الماء والبخار. مقارنة الصمامات الأخرى، وصمامات مصنوعة من الفولاذ المقوى هي من نسيج ج haracterized إغلاق، أداء أفضل المادية، يعني ذلك ارتفاع درجات الحرارة والضغوط العالية.

ومعيار نطاق
الحجم: 1/4 “إلى 2” DN15 DN50 إلى
الضغط: CLASS150، CLASS300، CLASS600، CLASS800، 900 £، CLASS1500، CLASS 2500، PN16 ~ PN420
المواد: الكربون الصلب (A105، LF2)، الفولاذ المقاوم للصدأ (F304، F304L، F316، F316L)، دوبلكس (F51، F55)، سبائك (F1، F5، F5A، F9، F11، F22)
تصميم وتصنيع: API602، ASME B16.34، BS 5352
اختبار الضغط: API 598
علامة: MSS SP25 Continue reading “الصفحة الرئيسية”

Forged steel globe valve

Válvula Globo Aço forjado of Sangong

Válvulas globo em aço forjado são principalmente o fornecimento de parar ou ligar o meio de nos oleodutos em vários sistemas de estação de energia térmica, especialmente para não corrosivos mídias como água e vapor. Comparado com outras válvulas, válvulas de aço forjado são c haracterized pela textura perto, melhor desempenho físico, isso significa temperaturas, altas pressões.

Standard and Scope
Tamanho: 1/4 “a 2” DN15 a DN50
Pressão: CLASS150, CLASS300, CLASS600, CLASS800, £ 900, CLASS1500, CLASS 2500, PN16 ~ PN420
Material: Aço carbono (A105, LF2), aço inoxidável (F304, F304L, F316, F316L), Duplex (F51, F55), Liga (F1, F5, F5A, F9, F11, F22)
Projeto e manufatura: API602, ASME B16.34, BS 5352
Teste de pressão: API 598
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Bellow Seal Valves:Gate,Globe Valve

A valve with a bellows to seal off the stem enclosure is an ideal choice whenever leakage to the atmosphere is intolerable due to toxicity, chemical corrosion, radioactivity, other health or ecological reasons. In addition, seal welding the body-bonnet seal makes the valve hermetically sealed. The bellows is welded to the stem and to the bottom of the bonnet.
Supplier: Sangong Valve, China
Manufacturer: Shop in Wenzhou Oubei Industrial Park

Bellow seal valve is designed with bellow welded onto the bonnet and stem, so that when the stem travels drive the below expansion or decompression. It inherently eliminate the conventional design of possible stem packing leakage. SGV bellow sealed valves can achieve truly zero leakage; ideal for stringent leakage-free application like toxic and flammable services. Bellow seal valve is an ideal choice whenever leakage to the atmosphere is intolerable due to toxicity, chemical corrosion, radioactivity, other health or ecological reasons. In addition, seal welding the body-bonnet seal makes the valve hermetically sealed. Continue reading “Bellow Seal Valves:Gate,Globe Valve”

Valve design requirement and Valve operator requirement for Ball,Gate,Globe,Check,Needle,Butterfly Valve-Project SGPK03


8.1 Valves shall comply with the relevant standards and codes as specified herein and in the valve data sheets.

2 Ball Valves
All ball valves shall be of a fire tested design to BS6755 Pt 2, API 6FA or API 607,certified accordingly and fitted with fire safe seals.
Valves shall be of anti-static design with blow out proof stems.
The design of all ball valves shall incorporate body cavity pressure relief, which shall be achieved through seat design. A hole drilled in the ball to achieve body cavity relief is not acceptable.
Ball valves shall be reduced bore pattern, unless otherwise specified full bore on the individual data sheets. Reduced bores shall be limited to one line size smaller than body size.

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Vacuum Globe Valve-Product Installation & Maintenance Manual

Vacuum Globe Valve


Sangong Flow Control Co.,Limited


Product Installation & Maintenance Manual



This vacuum valve is mainly used in heat-engine plant’s vacuum minus pressure and condensation system, Petrochemical, Pharmaceuticals and other industry’s negative pressure condensation system. as a open-close and separation device.


1. Pressure: PN10~100.0bar

2. Nominal diameter: DN10~DN150mm

3.Medium: Water、Steam、Air、Oil

4. Working Temperature: Carbon steel t≤425  ,alloy t≤530

Working principle and structure

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