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Triple-offset Metal seated Butterfly Valve

Product Name: Triple offset Metal seated Butterfly Valve

Triple offset Metal seated Butterfly Valve is light in weight, easy to adjust flow, widely used in Water project, Power station, Building industry, Petroleum, chemical, Steel,Paper industry, District heating ,typically for clean medium such as water, steam and gas. SGV also offer Bi-directional Triple offset Metal seated Butterfly Valve.

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Standard and Scope:

Size: NPS 2"~80" DN50~DN2000
Pressure Rating: Class 150~600 PN2.5~PN100
Connection: Double flange, Butt weld, Wafer type, Lug type and so on
Material: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Alloy, Special steel and so on
Design and Manufacture: API 609(Cast steel), BS5155, ASME B16.34,
Test and Inspection: API609, API598 ;ISO 5208, BS EN12569
Face-to-Face: API609,ISO5752, BS EN558
End Connection: ASME B16. 5(for NPS≤24); ASME B16.47 MSS SP-44(for NPS>24); BS EN1092-1
BW End connection: ASME B16.25


Design feature


Typical application:

Triple eccentric butterfly valve has widely application: Water works and water resource project, Environment protection, Power station, Building industry, Petroleum, chemical, Steel, metallurgy,Paper making industry , District heating, Especially in high temperature and high pressure condition with medium water, air , steam. In Sangong, Bi-directional Triple eccentric Metal seated Butterfly Valve is also available.


Three offset:

1. offset between axis and midline of body

2. offset between axis drill and disc sealing midline

3. offset of inclined cone


Floating seal ring and Multilayers seal ring

Unlike other traditional sealing structures (U type ring, O type ring, and Lip type ring), SGV triple offset metal seated butterfly valve has floating seal ring. Traditional sealing structure has some disadvantage: 1.the seat rings are formed by press process, they have severe concentrated stress, have a potential of deformation and leakage at high temperature. 2. the seat ring is over hardened in the heat treatment and has limit elasticity and excess brittleness, thus the seat ring might be easily broke for the fatigue due to consistent squeezing by the disc or long term work in low temperature. 3. the seat ring is just suitable for small size, if the seat ring of big size made by press, shape-setting and welding process, the welding point will be a potential leakage. SGV adopt multi layers seal ring (Flexible Graphite +Stainless steel), it is able to adjust itself by the pressure of disc when closing, so as to compensate the possible deformation or heat expansion under different working conditions. This structure avoid damage of the seal face and leads an even contact pressure ratio, means a long service life.


Streamlined Disc

Streamlined disc was designed so as to maximize flow, reduce flow resistance and save energy.

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