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Penstock Sluice Gate Valve

Penstock/ Sluice Gate, also named as wall mounted, Channel Slide gates, Water Control Gates be used for on-off or control mediam like water waste oil slurry in wells, tanks,channel, pipe outlets.for municipal, waste water, irrigation, power plant. Penstock usually is square or rectangle , sometimes round carbon steel, stainless steel fabricated Structure with light weight and tight seal.

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Standard and Scope:

Size: From 150×150 mm (6"x6") up to 3000×5000 mm (125"x200") Wall mounted / Channel mounted / Channel embedded/Round manhole. Available in a wide range of dimensions and for many different pressure heads
Pressure Rating: max 0.1Mpa,  Available in many different pressure head
Working Temp: 0~120C   
Working Head:
Uni-directional: 10m on/off seating water head available for positive direction
Bi-directional: Max. 10m on/off seating water head on both direction
Connection/Installation: Wall mounted, Channel mounted, Channel Embeded, Flange and so on
Gate Position: up open, down open
Body Frame Material: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Duplex Steel, aluminium, Alloy,Iron, 304,304L,316/316L,904L ,2205, 6063, 5052 etc
Valve disc material: Stainless steel, alloy
Seal ring: Rubber,EPDM,NBR,FPR, stainless steel, Copper alloy
Design and Manufacture: BS7775, AWWA .501 ,CJ/T 3006-1992  ANSI AWWA C561
Operation: Handwheel, Gearbox, Pneumatic, Electric or Hydraulic, Chain and so on. bare shaft with ISO top flange



Design feature


Option of 3 sides seal , 4 sides seal
Option of Uni-directional, Bi-directional
Option of Rising or Non-Rising stem
Option of Stem extension, with stem guide if needed
Tailor made size to suit round, square or rectangular orifices
Maintenance-free design
Easy installation, gate can be installed by wall mounted, channel mounted, flange fixed with fix bolts, flush button , pre-embedded bolts/steel parts
Self-cleaning design 
Drip tight leakage, usually the products leakage much better than Standard
No obstruction of the waterway
Integral structure, as less as possible weld was adopted to make gate beautiful and reliable
Light weight with good strength and seal performance through tailor made design
Good line flow characteristics, by good seal performance when open gate, suitable for throttle or regulate application

The above information of Penstock/Sluice Gate is for reference only; Sangong keeps right to amend without notice. For beyond above scope, please contact us for further information.