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Eccentric Segmented Ball Valve, V-port segment Ball Valve

Eccentric Segment ball valve is a new type of semi-ball valve developed to solve the technical problem of two-phase mixed flow medium transportation. It has some unique advantages/structure: no friction on the switch, no abrasion on the seal and small opening and closing moment. widely used in pulp & paper, chemical, power, oil & gas, and miningand other conditions requiring strict cut-off.

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Standard and Scope:  

Size: NPS 1"~24"  DN15 to DN1000                    
Pressure Rating: Class 150 300 600 ; PN6 PN10 PN25 PN40 PN63            
Connection: Flanged ends,  Wafer ends
Material: CS, SS, ALLOY and so on
Ball:Stainless Steel, Special Alloy
Seat:  Stainless Steel+STL, Hard chromium, nitriding, and HCOF treatments, PCTFE, PEEK and So on
Design and Manufacture: ASME B16.34, API608,GB/T12237-2007 
Test And Inspection: API 598, ISO5208, GB/T13927
Face To Face Dimension: ASME B16.10, EN558, GB/T12221-2007,  Factory Standard
Flange Connection Dimension: ASME B16.5/B16.47, EN1092, Other


Design Feature: 


Segment Ball Type

V-port segment ball valve , O-port segment ball valve 

V-notched Segement ball valve's closing parts are V-shaped openings on the spherical imperfection body, and V-shaped openings have sharp blades. During the rotation process of the spherical imperfection body, shearing action is formed between the valve seat and the valve seat, which has strong cutting force on the medium. V-shaped openings of the spherical imperfection body and the valve seat runner form a sector area, which can change the flow area to the cross-section during the rotation process and form an accurate adjustment of the medium. It is an angular rotation. Regulating valve, whose sealing performance is the same as ordinary ball valve, has two functions of regulating valve and switching at the same time. It is matched with pneumatic or electric actuator and widely used in industrial process automatic control system.Its flow characteristics: equal percentage characteristics.


Mount Method

1. Top entry Segment Ball Valve: Mainly for the medium with very serious erosion and wear, it is very convenient to replace and repair the damaged hoist. It is not necessary to remove the whole valve from the pipeline, which greatly saves the maintenance time and cost.
2. Side entry Segment Ball Valve: Side-mounted type has compact structure and light weight. It is suitable for the occasion where the installation space of the valve is required.


Pulp & Paper,Water Treatment,Food & Beverage,Fine Chemical,Power Plant,Steel Industry
1. General Valve: Applicable to sewage treatment, pulp, urban heating and other strict requirements of the occasion.
2. Special Valve for Oil and Chemical Industry: It is suitable for corrosion-resistant and two-phase mixing media in crude oil, heavy oil and other oil products, chemical industry. The temperature resistance can reach 425 C.
3. Gas special valve: It is suitable for gas, natural gas and liquefied gas transportation control. The product structure features different chromium-containing alloys for surfacing valves of sealing rings, tight seals and corrosion resistance.
4. Slurry special valve: suitable for industrial pipeline transportation with crystallization or scaling of chemical reaction in liquid or solid two-phase mixed flow or liquid transportation. According to the different medium and temperature requirements of customers, the sphere is surfacing with chromium-molybdenum and vanadium alloys, and the valve seat is surfacing with chromium, molybdenum, chromium and stainless steel alloy electrodes to meet the needs of different slurry transportation.
5. Special valve for fly ash and slag: It is suitable for the control of power plant, alumina, hydraulic slag removal or gas pipeline. The product requires wear resistance. The sphere is made of composite ball bimetal. It has fairly high stiffness and wear resistance. The valve seat is welded with surfacing wear-resistant steel or  butt welding, and the replacement of soft seals is convenient.



Integral body design offers greater rigidity against fluctuating pipe loads.
Eliminates the leak risk lead by two piece body designs.
Both wafer and flange connection are available.


Ball /disc

Carefully designed with V-port to offer big rangeability, ideal for throttling applications in high consistency pulp services or slurry applications.
Well ground notched ball surface ensures small operating torque and tight seal, especially for metal seated segment valve.
Hard coated spherical surface prevents galling.
The segment is carefully designed for optimum flow.


Available with a metal seat and soft seat.Specialized spring design decreases valve torque while providing force for tight sealing. Automatically compensating seal is reliable both positive pressure and  reverse pressure was applied.


Stem and end post bearings are low friction and maintenance free.  The stem is finely ground to match the actuator excellently, which prevents rocking motion and potential failure 

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