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Contact info

1. 客服手册1

2. Typical Working Procedure between SGV and Client

3. API Pipe Flange: ASME B16.5 RF(24" or below)

4. API Pipe Flange: ASME B16.47(MSS SP 44) RF (26" or above)

5. DIN Steel Pipe Flanges: BS EN1092-1:2005

6. DIN EN 558-2005 Industrial valves - Face-to-face and centre-to-face dimensions of metal valves for use in flanged pipe systems - PN and Class designated valves

7. Cryogenic Application of Gate, Globe, Ball, Check and Safety Valves

8. Three eccentric Metal Seated Butterfly Valve

9. Teflon lined Center Disc Butterfly Valve

10. Rubber lined Center Disc Butterfly Valve

11. API Wedge Gate Valve(flexible/resilient and solid dsic)

12. API Slab Gate Valve(plane disc gate valve)

13. API Forged Gate Valve(bolted bonnet/welded bonnet)

14. API/DIN Cast Steel Swing Check Valve

15. Dual Plate Spring Loaded Check Valve

16. API/DIN Cast Lift Check Valve

17. API602 Forged Steel Check Valve(Swing/Lift type)

18. Cast Globe Valve

19. Forged Steel Globe Valve

20. API 600 Valve Trim No. Chart

21. General Valve Material Cross Reference List ASME-JIS-GB

22. Quick Close Steam Extraction Check Valve

23. Fully Welded Body Ball Valve

24. MSS SP-25-2013-Standard Marking System for Valves, Fittings, Flanges, and Unions

25. MSS SP-150 2015 Valves for Use in Hydrogen Peroxide Service

26. MSS SP-61 2009 Pressure Test of Valve

27. MSS SP-81 2006 English Stainless Steel Bonnetless Flanged Knife Gate Valves

28. BS EN ISO 5210-1996 Industrial Valves Multi-turn Actuator attachment 

29. BS EN ISO 5211-2001 Industrial Valves Part-turn Actuator Attachment

30. SABS 1123-1977 South Africa Flange standard Steel flanges BS 4504 Part-1 1969

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