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Quick Close Steam Extraction Check Valve

Product Name: Quick close Extraction Check Valve

SQH Quick close Steam Extraction Check Valve is mainly used for urgent stop flow back medium in the power plant steam turbine system. As emergency shut off valve, it can be closed in 0.5~1 S second to prevent steam turbine being damaged by back flowing medium (Steam and Cooling water) of the conduits.

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Standard and Scope:


Size: NPS 6"48" DN150DN1200 (others upon request)                              
Pressure Rating: Class 150
600 PN10~PN100 (others upon request)              
Connection: Double flange, Butt weld  
Material: Carbon steel, Alloy steel, Stainless steel; WCB, Q235, 16Mn, WC6, WC9,C12A,CF8
Design and Manufacture: GB/T 12236, GB/T 12238, ASME B16.34 
Test and Inspection: API598, ISO5208, GB/T 13927
Face-to-Face: API609,ISO5752, BS EN558 , Manufacturer standard
End Connection: ASME B16. 5
for NPS≤24; ASME B16.47  MSS SP-44for NPS24; BS EN1092-1, GB/T 9113
BW End connection: ASME B16.25, GB/T 12224      


Design feature

Stop and check function, close in 0.5 second

Suitable body material was selected to guarantee body strength

Harden sealing face prevent valve damaged by operation

No hinge pin gland helps avoid inhibiting performance

Strong and low friction coefficient bearing was adopted

Tilting swing disc design has low pressure drop

Both vertical disc and inclined disc are available

Both Vertical actuator and Horizontal actuator are available

The disc is positioned at a large inclined angle seat to shorten the travel of opening/ closing, together with one auxiliary pneumatic (hydraulic) device to speed open/close process, short closing time protect steam turbine in time and reliable

The main eccentric structure plus the auxiliary pneumatic(hydraulic)pressure on the disc, the flow stopping and checking functions are realized

Triple eccentric structure design seat and disc, combined with inclined seat geometry, facilitates an tight seal with least friction.

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