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Enviroment protection Storm & Delay of Valve Delivery in china

Dear Clients/Supplier/Colleague,
Thanks for your support and effort in past.   

Start from end of 2016, now China Goverment and society pay more attention to "enviroment protection".  There is an trend that it becomes an Storm support by central goverment of PRC. Together with "safety inspcetion" and “restrict backward prodcution capacity ” , it was estimated will be more and more foundy and valve factory , other valve upstream factory (mainly small class and bad equiped factory)will be reformed, restricted, moved or closed. Thus behaviour will lead big lack of capacity.  Many china valve facory have an big delay for delivery time, especially in Zhejiang, Jiangshu, Hebei, Shangxi, Shangdong, Tianjin. It was counted that  90% industry order delayed from 8weeks to 12 weeks or more.


For SGV, for exscuted order, we will promise delay no more than 1 week and offer an compensation if it happened. For future order in next month, delivery time have to be delayed 1-2weeks to avoid any breach of contract. This delay might continue in total 2017 years.

For urgent matter, please call us or send email to We will check our mailbox as regular as possible.  Date: Apr 12th, 2017


 SGV Team

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