The market competitiveness of cast iron valves is further reduced?

With the acceleration of urbanization in China, domestic sewage treatment and municipal treatment facilities will also be developed on a large scale. As a necessary pipe and valve, it will welcome a broad market prospects.

Thanks to the strong support of the government, the production and application of plastic pipes in China has really begun to develop rapidly, and cast iron pipes have been replaced in some fields, such as: sanitary ware water tank fittings with water intake below water level (low water intake); leakage with water seal less than 5 cm, which is prohibited in all new construction projects and maintenance projects; cast iron drainage pipes with common sockets (manual sand turning rigid joint) Cast Iron Drainage Pipe; Galvanized Iron Sheet Outdoor Rainwater Pipe; Spiral Lifting Cast Iron Nozzle; Cast Iron Globe Valve. It is not allowed to be used in indoor parts of residential projects.

Many experts have already verifyed and predicted that with the further development of plastic products technology, the performance and production technology of plastic products will be greatly improved. Plastic valves will be more and more widely used in drainage pipelines. Now, medium cast iron butterfly valves and cast iron soft-sealed gate valves widely used in drainage pipelines will be likely to find a market for low-pressure drainage. The country is becoming more and more important in energy saving and emission reduction. The production cost of cast iron products, a high energy consumption enterprise, is further increased, and the market competitiveness of cast iron valves will be further reduced. Plastic valves can solve the noise problem of indoor sewer pipe very well. Plastic valves for public works are corrosion-resistant, free from hydrogen sulfide erosion, long service life, light weight, low installation cost, easy to connect and seal, and not easy to fracture. They will be more and more applied in many fields.

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